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Valve Maintenance Corporation (VMC) has been in business since 1954. Our headquarters in Odessa, Texas, is in the heart of one of the most prolific energy producing areas in the world’s history, The Permian Basin. Our business revolves around the experience and expertise of our highly skilled team. Our corporate family offers the energy industry a wide cross section of manufactured and reconditioned parts and services for reciprocating engines and compressors.

After selling our compressor valve and cylinder repair division in June 2015 our corporate mission remains the same. Through our Diesel Supply Company division , our “Commitment to Excellence” is demonstrated in supplying our customers with the best in quality parts, systems, service and education. We will be a friend to the environment and a responsible corporate citizen. Through vision, teamwork, and innovation we will make the Valve Maintenance Corporation family the premier supplier in our industry.

Diesel Supply Company, USA (DSC) was established in 1945 and relocated from Joplin, Missouri, to more efficient facilities in Odessa, Texas during July/August of 1994.

DSC was developed for the purpose of supplying the natural gas pipelines with products, primarily replacement parts for the engines and compressors. Manufactured replacement parts are a mainstay for Diesel Supply Company. Moreover, DSC has always been known as “The piston ring company” and is the largest stocking distributor for Kiene Valves in the country.

Diesel Supply’s legendary tool line is still going strong some 60 years later. Customers around the world know they can trust DSC’s quality engineered Piston Ringers, Glaze Busters, Dial Bore Gauges, and Groove Cleaners.

DSC has an inventory of over 1500 gas engine parts as well as a library of over 5000 manufacturing parts prints for many of the wear parts on the Worthington, Clarks, Ingersoll-Rand, and Cooper-Bessemer engines that have been the workhorses of the natural gas industry for many years. DSC also designed and patented cost effective field installed Controlled Rapid Burn (CRB) pre-combustion chambers, check valves, and modified High Flow Fuel Valves for emission reduction low enough to meet any current air quality standards.

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  Diesel Supply Company, USA
7009 North County Road West
Odessa, Texas 79764
Toll Free: 800-688-2031
Main: 432-368-4477
Fax: 432-368-5115
PO Box 3349
Odessa, Texas 79760
  Diesel Supply Company supplies high quality gas compressor engine and compressor replacement parts and retrofits engines with clean burn technology, using patented Controlled Rapid Burn (CRB) pre-chambers and "High Flow" fuel valves for emission reduction to meet all current standards. We are the largest stocking distributor for Kiene Valves.